What is this about?

Welcome to the Bee-Aware Project! Our aim is to raise awareness about the decline of pollinators and their impact on the environment and on us. Our project involves youth, encouraging proactive citizenship from a young age, and highlighting the importance of youth work. Pollinators are vital for our food security, as bees, in particular, play an essential role in local agriculture. Unfortunately, nearly 1 in 10 European wild bees are facing extinction, and 1 in 3 bee and butterfly species have a declining population. If we don’t act on these issues, a disaster is waiting to happen.

Our objectives are to raise awareness of the decline and importance of pollinators through community engagement and environmental education, protect, restore, and create pollinator habitats. We aim to involve different stakeholders, including those who are unaware of environmental issues or do not know how they impact the environment, to educate them and make a difference in tomorrow’s world by empowering youths with necessary skills.

Bee on Flower

This Erasmus+ project is being coordinated by Projekta 360 from Malta with partners Idee in Movimento from Italy and The Bee Camp from Greece.

Our project is inclusive and open to anyone. By sharing our knowledge and creating a better future for everyone, we can all help each other. Join us in this meaningful project and help protect our pollinating friends!