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Bee Aware Greece

Bee Aware: How Bees Will Save Your Food – A Bee Aware EU Initiative

In a world where the interconnectedness of nature often goes unnoticed, the “Bee Aware | How Bees Will Save Your Food?” event, organized by The Bee Camp and hosted at the 4 Seasons Organic Food Market, served as a vibrant reminder of the essential role played by bees and pollinators in our ecosystem. This event was not just a local gathering; it was a pivotal chapter in the larger Bee Aware EU project, a coordinated effort by Projekta Malta, Idee In Movimento, and The Bee Camp from Greece.

Exploring the Bee-Food Relationship:

On September 16th, from 11 am to 4 pm, the 4 Seasons Organic Food Market (a well known organic supermarket in the center of Athens) became a playground for exploring the intricate relationship between bees and our food. “Bee Aware | How Will Bees Save Your Food?” was not your typical event; it was a captivating game designed to educate and engage attendees on the profound impact of pollinators.

The Unsung Heroes:

Beyond their role in producing honey, bees and other pollinators often go unnoticed in their vital function of pollinating a wide array of goods. They are responsible for the growth of fruits, vegetables, cotton, coffee, medicine, and much more. However, the declining populations of these unsung heroes are posing a significant threat to our ecosystem by disrupting the delicate food chain we all rely upon.


The “Bee Aware | How Bees Will Save Your Food?” event was a testament to the power of education and engagement. It illuminated the critical role of pollinators, not just in Greece but as part of a broader European effort through the Bee Aware EU project.

As we reflect on this enlightening event, it serves as a reminder that every small action can make a significant impact. Also, it reminds us that the cooperation between NGOs and local shops can multiply the desired results and act as a channel of continuous communication.

By spreading awareness about the importance of bees and other pollinators, we take steps towards ensuring the sustainability of our food system and the preservation of our precious ecosystem. Bee aware, for they are the guardians of our food, and their well-being is intrinsically linked to our own.

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