Bee Aware with Welbee’s

BeeAwareEU, teamed up with leading supermarket Welbee’s in an innovative awareness campaign aimed at highlighting the crucial role of pollinators in our ecosystem. By marking items in the supermarket that would vanish without pollinators, this campaign seeks to emphasise the significance of these tiny creatures in our daily lives. The initiative is part of the BeeAwareEU’s broader mission to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators and inspire citizens to take action to protect them.  This campaign was launched at the Welbee’s Campus Hub outlet. Apart from general advice on how to protect pollinators, it includes scores of different information cards placed on shelves explaining how the items on the particular shelf are only available thanks to pollinators.  Each of these cards includes a QR-code which when scanned through a mobile phone will provide more information about how the different types of foods (and other items) exist only thanks to pollinators.

Welbees Bee Campaing

Apart from the wider purpose of raising awareness, the concept is also to empower youths to be active citizens whilst at the same time encourage them to learn new skills that will prepare them for the future.  The campaign was the brainchild of a group of young teens, who were involved from its conception through implementation.  With professional coaching, they developed the concept, were involved in the design and marketing of the campaign, and implementation on site, at the Welbee’s store.

No Bees No Fruit

Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, birds, and bats, play a vital role in the reproduction of flowering plants. They facilitate the transfer of pollen, enabling fertilization and the production of seeds and fruits. Without pollinators, many plants would struggle to reproduce, leading to severe consequences for ecosystems and food production. The disruption of ecosystems would impact the food chain, and potentially trigger cascading effects on the environment and human livelihoods. Recognising the essential role they play; it is crucial for every citizen to take action and contribute to the protection of these invaluable creatures.


One of the simplest and most effective actions individuals can take is creating pollinator-friendly habitats. This can be achieved by planting native flowers, shrubs, and trees that provide nectar and pollen throughout the year. Even a small balcony or garden can serve as a sanctuary for pollinators, offering them a source of food and shelter. By providing diverse and pesticide-free environments, we can encourage pollinator populations to thrive and fulfil their crucial role in our ecosystem.

Educating ourselves and spreading awareness about the importance of pollinators is another powerful way to make a difference. By engaging in conversations with friends, family, and community members, we can raise consciousness about the crucial role of pollinators and inspire others to take action. Sharing information through social media, organising workshops, or participating in local events can further amplify the message and encourage collective efforts.

Reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides is another important step in protecting pollinators. Pesticides have been linked to the decline in bee populations. Opting for natural pest control methods, such as companion planting or biological controls, helps maintain a healthy balance in our gardens while minimizing the harm to pollinators.

Citizens can also contribute by supporting local beekeepers and purchasing organic and sustainably produced products. By doing so, we encourage sustainable farming practices that prioritize the well-being of pollinators and other beneficial insects. Additionally, individuals can participate in community-led initiatives, such as citizen science projects, that monitor and track pollinator populations, helping scientists better understand their needs and challenges.

The BeeAwareEU and Welbees collaboration is a timely reminder of the vital role pollinators play in our lives. It is a call to action for every citizen to contribute to their protection. By creating pollinator-friendly habitats, avoiding pesticide use, supporting sustainable agriculture, and spreading awareness, we can collectively safeguard these invaluable creatures and secure a sustainable future for ourselves and the planet we call home. Let us unite in our efforts and ensure that the buzz of pollinators continues to resonate in our gardens, fields, and forests for generations to come.

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