How it all started

Bee flying on flower

At Projekta, we promote literacy by sharing books among our members. One captivating read is “The Bee Maker” by Mobi Warren. Set in Greece in 2036, it tells the story of 13-year-old Melissa fighting the bee extinction crisis caused by climate change.

Connecting with the Book

We discussed the book as a group, recognising the local environmental issues it depicted and their impact on pollinators. The story resonated with our youth, inspiring them to take action. Thus, the idea for our Erasmus+ project Bee-Aware was born.

Raising Awareness and Making a Difference

Through brainstorming, we devised engaging activities to raise awareness about pollinators’ importance and improve the local environment. We came up with ideas for hands-on educational workshops and providing better habitats (flowering plants) for pollinators. This exercise also familiarises our youth with Erasmus and its opportunities.

Empowering Youth for Change

By empowering our youngsters, we encourage them to take ownership and responsibility for improving their communities and the environment. We foster open discussions, allowing them to express opinions and enhance communication skills. Together, we tackle pressing topics like environment and climate change.

Taking Action at a Young Age

Our youth actively participate in various initiatives, including clean-ups, clothing and book donations, recycling, and promoting the reuse of second-hand items. With Bee-Aware, we aim to show them that their voices matter and they can make a difference, even at a young age.

Amplifying Nature’s Importance

During Covid lockdowns, people realised the significance of nature in our lives. Gardens and parks became treasured havens where individuals reconnected with the environment. Our project aims to amplify this awareness and inspire positive actions, such as reducing pesticides use and planting flowers on balconies and rooftops.

Partnership for Impact

For this Erasmus project, we collaborated with two relevant international partners: Idee in Movimento from Italy and The Bee Camp from Greece. These partners, experienced in tackling environmental issues and protecting bees, share a similar climate to Malta.

Join Us!

If you’re interested in joining our project and making a difference, feel free to contact us. Together, we can create a better future for pollinators and the environment.