No-Mow May

Bee on wild flowers

What is No-Mow May?

This initiative started in the UK by the wildlife charity Plantlife. The idea is to encourage people to leave their lawns uncut for the entire month of May, allowing wildflowers to bloom and provide a vital source of nectar for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. This initiative is part of a more significant effort to promote biodiversity and protect wildlife habitats. 


Supporting the No-Mow May Movement

We urge all residents and local councils to support the #NoMowMay movement. While many private residences may not have front yards, public green spaces such as parks, roundabouts, and roadside verges provide vital habitats for pollinators. By leaving these areas uncut for the month of May, we can create important habitats for insects and other wildlife that play a crucial role in our ecosystem.


The role of Local Councils in No-Mow May

Local councils have a vital role in supporting the No Mow May movement. By working together with the government to agree on a coordinated approach, they can help to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our pollinators and their habitats. They can also provide guidance and support to residents who want to participate in No Mow May, such as by providing information on how to identify wildflowers and how to create a wildflower meadow.


Benefits for Individuals and the Environment

Participating has many benefits both for individuals and the environment. By allowing wildflowers to grow, we can create a beautiful and diverse landscape that supports a wide range of wildlife. We can also save time and money on lawn maintenance, and reduce our carbon footprint by using fewer power tools and consuming less fuel.


Making the Most of No-Mow May

To make the most of No Mow May, local councils can identify public green spaces that are already home to wildflowers or other plants that support pollinators. They can also consider creating wildflower meadows by sowing a mix of native wildflower seeds.


Join the No-Mow May Movement

Let’s all work together to support No Mow May and protect our pollinators!

No Mow May - Naxxar Local Council